The Rainbow Mind System of Wellbeing uses colour to help anyone at any stage of life to better understand & take care of their mental health.

I’m Katie. I created this system in the years following my own diagnosis of incurable mental illness back in 2013. It turned out that I had been sick since my teens, and the initial prognosis was scary.


I spent the next four years experimenting, monitoring, researching, studying Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine and working out what harms and what heals me. The beauty of the system I ended up with is twofold: it’s really simple and it really seems to work. My Rainbow Mind system is designed to be complementary to prescribed medication if you need it, and it has helped me to rely on a much lower dose than I once needed.

I see every colour in my mental world as both a state of being and a set of activities. Each colour feels a certain way, and is fed by certain things. By filling my life with healthy colours I find it easier to avoid episodes of ill health. My system is really just about getting to know yourself, and then adding what is healing into your everyday, while avoiding what harms. It sounds so obvious, but you’d be amazed how little care so many of us take of our unique and precious minds.

I am now able to live a healthier life than I once believed was possible. Whether you are a mostly balanced person looking to stay that way, or have a raging Rainbow Mind like me, I hope it helps you too.